Chicks Kissing & Why It’s Inherently Hot

I think I can safely claim that the majority, both male and female, think 2 women kissing is hot. Or at least not as gross as 2 men kissing. A whole lot of my female friends have admitted to kissing other girls and those who haven’t experimented either say they want to try it someday or that it isn’t for them but at the same time they’re not against it either. These very same ladies, on the other hand, think that 2 guys making out is disgusting. So here I shall discuss the stigma attached to that issue by simply asking two questions.

What makes women attractive?
Again I am generalizing but I would have to say it’s their beauty & sensuality. So when we take 2 (preferably) attractive women and have them kiss (a very sensual act), it actually adds to their sex appeal because their sensuality heightens.
What makes men attractive?
This is me just taking a stab at this but again I would have to say it is their masculinity. Now you take two strapping young lads and have them lock lips, this act takes a lot away from their masculinity and makes them less appealing.
So there is my take on this societal situation. I would like to add another point though. Having asked numerous people about it, one common reason as to why men think 2 women kissing is a turn-on is because they fantasize about joining in at some point. And we all know that having sex with 2 women is at the top of every man’s sexual fantasies list. So the other side of the coin would be that most women do not even entertain the thought of kissing 2 men at the same time (let alone, have sex with them) due to that being seen as very promiscuous and socially unacceptable (not to mention whore-like, slutty, and skanky amongst other things).
On an end note, I am very aware that these observations are very general and that many folks of either gender do like seeing men kiss (just go to You Tube!) But, my goal here was to try and explain, at least the way I understand, the overall rationale as to why society treats this issue the way we do.
Please share your thoughts.

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