SCRIPT TO SCREEN: Part 2: Marvel Teams

Ok now we shall have a look at the superteams, Fantastic Four & X-Men.

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Portrayed by: Ioann Gruffud, Chris Evans, Jessica Alba, Michael Chiklis [Fantastic Four, 4: Rise Of The Silver Surfer] (2005, 2007) 
Whoever cast Jessica Alba to play The Invisible Woman should never be allowed to work in the film industry again. Same that should have been done to the person who cast the whole Street Fighter movie. On a lighter note, the make-up and costume for Ben Grimm was pretty great!
Portrayed by: Patrick Stewart [X-Men, X-2, X-Men The Last Stand] (2000, 2003, 2006) 
A no-brainer here. Who else would anyone have cast as Charles Xavier? Really.
Portrayed by: James Marsden [X-Men, X-2, X-Men: The Last Stand] (2000, 2003, 2006)
Not the Cyclops I envisioned from the comics, not by a long shot. James Marsden just didn’t have that leadership quality we were all expecting from the leader of the X-Men. Costume wise, the design team obviously went with a modern, functional look which in turn influenced the comics as seen in the Ultimate series of books.
Portrayed by: Famke Janssen [X-Men, X-2, X-Men: The Last Stand] (2000, 2003, 2006)
I guess Famke is hot enough to play Jean Grey and her Phoenix was downright creepy. The costume like with all the members of the X-Men in the movie is nowhere near like the comic versions.
Portrayed by: Halle Berry [X-Men, X-2, X-Men: The Last Stand] (2000, 2003, 2006)
I love how Halle Berry decided to lose her African accent by the second movie because she found it hard to do and quite frankly it was terrible. I also think that she is too pretty to be Ororo Munroe and even though Ororo is said to be beautiful, Halle’s looks aren’t of the exotic type.
Portrayed by: Anna Paquin [X-Men, X-2, X-Men: The Last Stand] (2000, 2003, 2006)
I though Anna Paquin was gonna grow up a hottie. Oh well. Other than the white streaks of hair, her Rogue was nothing like what we know from the comics. She was a weak pathetic character in the movies and always needed rescuing.
Portrayed by: Shawn Ashmore [X-Men, X-2, X-Men: The Last Stand] (2000, 2003, 2006)
I thought the special effects for his change into the full-body Iceman were pretty weak. I was hoping for some surfing on ice-bridges too =)
Portrayed by: Kelsey Grammer [X-Men: The Last Stand] (2006)
Ok to be fair, Beast has gone through so many changes in the comics so for the look the design team decided on, I think it was pretty spot on. Plus Kelsey Grammer certainly had the voice for the part.
Portrayed by: Ellen Page [X-Men: The Last Stand] (2006)
Ok I really don’t know much about Kitty Pryde (except that Weezer had a line from their song In The Garage that mentions her) so I wouldn’t know if the movie adaptation was faithful or not. Ellen Page is cute though. Sometimes.
Portrayed by: Alan Cumming [X-2] (2003)
A radical change from the Nightcrawler in the comics, the movie version was all blue and had the distinct self-mutilation marks all over his body. I like the movie version even though he looked real creepy most of the time.
Portrayed by: Daniel Cudmore [X-2, X-Men: The Last Stand] (2003, 2006)
He was hardly seen in the 3rd movie and even less so during the second. The special effects, though, looked pretty neat during the ½ second you see them on-screen. Judging by the physical effects seen in the photo here, I think we now know why they only showed him for that short a period of time.
Portrayed by: Ben Foster [X-Men: The Last Stand] (2006)

I think Warren Worthington is a boring character so I’m glad they didn’t use him much in the movie. The wings were done alright but it would’ve been cool if they found a way to interweave a plot point where he had to change his wings to the metal ones when he became Archangel.

Portrayed by: Mei Melancon [X-Men: The Last Stand] (2006)
Special mention of Psylocke here because she was played by a Filipina. In The Last Stand, Psylocke fights alongside the Brotherhood of Mutants. I’m not sure now but I thought she was supposed to be on the good side in the comics.

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