SCRIPT TO SCREEN: Part 3: Marvel Villains

This time we shall have a look at the Marvel villains.

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Portrayed by: Ian McKellen [X-Men, X-2, X-Men The Last Stand] (2000, 2003, 2006) 
I was pretty disappointed to find out that they got aging actor Ian McKellen to play Magneto since in the comics, the character was quite imposing and physical. The costume was changed too, I guess, to fit the older version of Magneto in the movie and the flowing cape/gown made him look more regal.
Portrayed by: Rebecca Romjin [X-Men, X-2, X-Men The Last Stand] (2000, 2003, 2006) 
As far as I know, Mystique kept her clothes on in the comic books. But who’s complaining if we get to see Rebecca Romjin semi nude (and all-nude in her death scene in The Last Stand)?! Still the question is if you could, would you?
Portrayed by: Aaron Stanford [X-2, X-Men: The Last Stand] (2000, 2003, 2006) 
I’m guessing they chose to use the Pyro character so that Iceman would have a Ying to his Yang. Frankly, Pyro is an old, outdated, cheesy character so I understand why the changed him drastically for the movie. Aaron Stanford played the annoying, obnoxious part perfectly.
Portrayed by: Tyler Mane [X-Men] (2000); Liev Schreiber [X-Men Origins: Wolverine] (2009)
I remember seeing the trailers for the first X-Men and thinking “Oh my god, Sabretooth looks awesome!” And I wasn’t disappointed. But instead of the interesting contrary to Wolverine we get a really dumb brute in the movie. As you can see I included a behind-the-scenes photo of Liev Schreiber who will play the role of Sabretooth in the upcoming Wolverine flick. I’m guessing they’ve decided to water down his animalistic side this time.
Portrayed by: Ray Park [X-Men] (2000) 
Another ancient character resurrected for the movie. I’m beginning to think that the producers decided to use unintersting side characters as not to take away from the main protagonists and antagonists. Having said that, I thought Ray Park was great as Toad (just as he made Darth Maul one of the best villains ever!).
Portrayed by: Dania Ramirez [X-Men: The Last Stand] (2006) 
I don’t know much about Callisto. All I know is she was played in the movie by the curiously hot Dania Ramirez.
Portrayed by: Vinnie Jones [X-Men: The Last Stand] (2006) 
I love Vinnie Jones. He’s a ‘ard c#nt so his casting here was fitting. The costume was well done and the muscle make-up was great. The helmet, already phallic looking in the comics, was made even more ridiculous in the movie.
Portrayed by: Kelly Hu [X-2] (2003) 
Another drastic design change for the movie which looks nothing like the comic book version. She’s played by Kelly Hu though so who gives a shit if its faithful to the comics?!?
Portrayed by: Colin Farrell [Daredevil] (2003)
I saw this movie once. I fell asleep half-way. So whether Colin Farrell played the character well is something I cannot say. The bullseye body mutilation on his forehead is pretty disturbing though.
Portrayed by: Michael Clarke Duncan [Daredevil] (2003)
I don’t care if Michael Clake Duncan was the biggest man they could find to play Kingpin. That doesn’t change the fact that Kingpin is caucasian and Mr. Duncan is not.
Portrayed by: Scott Paulin [Captain America] (1990)
I remember watching this movie as a kid and thinking the make-up effects for Red Skull were awesome. Looking at the photo here makes me wanna change my mind but nostalgia often wins when you’re getting on with age like I.
Portrayed by: Julian McMahon [Fantastic Four, 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer] (2005, 2007)
You can’t really go wrong with this costume as it’s really just a fancy tunic and cloak and an iron mask.

Ok so we’re done with the Marvel side of things. Watch out for the next installment of this feature where we will go through the DC universe.


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