DC never really had superhero groups like Marvel’s X-Men, Fantastic Four, Alpha Flight, etc. Rather than create all-new characters for a new team, DC usually opted to take established solo heroes and have them form a groups like the original Justice Society of America. Anyway for this part of the feature we will check out Watchmen, Justice League of America, and The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

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Portrayed by: Billy Crudup [Watchmen (2009)]
With what I’d imagine is a mostly CG-character, I think the film makers would’ve found it pretty hard to get the film counterpart wrong. I mean he’s just blue, bald, and naked. They could have hired anyone from the Blue Man Group really.

Portrayed by: Patrick Wilson [Watchmen (2009)]
The film makers obviously decided to use a much younger cast compared to the aging comic book characters. The movie version Nite Owl has a better costume and smaller beer gut.

Portrayed by: Matthew Goode [Watchmen (2009)]
The costume change here is probably the most significant of all the Watchmen characters. It still works I guess but takes away from the narcissistic look of the character. We’ll just wait and see how Matthew Good plays the role.
Portrayed by: Jackie Earle Haley [Watchmen (2009)]
Undeniably the most interesting of all the Watchmen characters, I can’t wait to see how Jackie Haley portrays him in the movie. On the official movie site, Rorschach’s mask’s ink blots are seen changing shape so I’m wondering if this is just a gimmick or will they do this in the film as well. It would be very distracting but at the same time creepy-cool.
Portrayed by: Malin Akerman [Watchmen (2009)]
Judging by the trailer and publicity shots, I think the producers decided to make Laurie very sexy & vixen-like as opposed to the sweet-with-a -nasty-side, girl next door character we see in the books. I don’t mind as I still have fond memories of Malin Akerman taking her top off in Harold & Kumar Go To Whitecastle.
Portrayed by: Jeffrey Dean Morgan [Watchmen (2009)]
I actually thought The Comedian was being played by Robert Downey Jr when I saw the trailers. Again what we see in the movie is a very young version of the character so we’ll see how this all pans out.
Portrayed by: Carla Gugino [Watchmen (2009)]
I’ve been a Carla Gugino fan since her Spin City days. How ironic that I get to realize how incredibly voluptuous she is in her role in Sin City. I’m not looking forward to seeing her as an aging bitchy woman in the non-flashback scenes for Watchmen though.
THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMENPortrayed by: Sean Connery/Alan Quartermain [LXG (2003)]; Naseeruddin Shah/Captain Nemo [LXG (2003)]; Peta Wilson/Mina Harker [LXG (2003)]; Tony Curran/Invisible Man [LXG (2003)]; Stuart Townsend/Dorian Gray [LXG (2003)]; Shane West/Tom Sawyer [LXG (2003)]; Jason Flemyng/Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde [LXG (2003)]
I thought this movie was fun. Not great but just fun. The director Stephen Norrington did the original Blade movie so he knows his way around comic book inspired action flicks. The costumes in LXG were great and so were the effects. I admit I have never read the books but I especially like the portrayal of Captain Nemo. He really seemed strange, exotic, and even alien.
JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICAPortrayed by: Matthew Settle/Green Lantern [JLA TV Pilot (1997)]; Kim Oja/Ice [JLA TV Pilot (1997)]; John Kasir/The Atom [JLA TV Pilot (1997)]; Michelle Hurd/Fire [JLA TV Pilot (1997)]; Kenny Johnston/The Flash [JLA TV Pilot (1997)]; David Ogden Stiers/Martian Manhunter [JLA TV Pilot (1997)]
The less said about this unaired TV pilot, the better.

Next up, the plethora of DC Villains!!!


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