Chris Benoit as The Wolverine

Before Hugh Jackman made us all believe that a 6-foot tall Australian can indeed play The Wolverine in the X-Men movies, I was adamant (pun?) that professional wrestler Chris Benoit should have been cast in the role. The physical resemblance was uncanny (pun again?). Both were short, ripped, and frankly kind of ugly. Both hailed from Canada and had the distinct ability to go into ‘berserker’ mode. And of course, Benoit coincidentally had the professional nickname The Canadian Wolverine. Obviously physical resemblance would’ve gone only so far and it really was Hugh Jackman’s performance that won us over. In any case, I don’t know why I never thought of doing this before, but here is a quick photo-manip of Chris Benoit in the updated traditional Wolverine getup.

Oh and here’s a really old piece I did way back in 2004 when I first heard that Christian Bale was going to play Batman in the new movies. Cowl design obviously from the Batman 1989 film.

Coincidentally, I used to do a lot of digital art and most of my work can still be found on my Deviantart page. There’s a number of Batman-inspired stuff there.


2 thoughts on “Chris Benoit as The Wolverine

  1. I wouldn't say Benoit was "ugly" per se. It's just that after losing the tooth, he played up the "mean" side of his appearance. I'm pretty sure both got their nom de guerre for being hairy, short, even shorter-tempered, and damn near impossible to put down(part of the problem with Benoit's brain stemming from his insistence on actually taking chair shots to the head, as opposed to the upper back like most others).

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