LAPTOP GAMING: Assassin’s Creed


Right when I thought my gaming days were looking brighter, Assassin’s Creed rains on my parade. Again like most recent titles I did not even consider trying this game out since I was convinced my laptop just didn’t have the power to run it. Well lo and behold Assassin’s Creed installed without a hitch and ran decently on very modest settings. Thrilled I was, as Yoda would say and once again I marveled at the gaming possibilities my little bundle of joy (read: my laptop) could take give me.

“So where is this rainy parade you speak of?”, I hear you ask. Well here she is in all its messed-up texture glitch glory. This travesty only happens when I enter Memory Block 2 in the game and the entire beginning of the game runs flawlessly.

Soon after I discovered through searching forums on the web that this glitch may be caused by my video card’s lack of memory. Assassin’s Creed requires at least 256MB meanwhile I can only offer up 128MB. So yes the game is now unplayable (believe me, I’ve tried) and the rain isn’t letting up. I’d really be soaked and angry if it weren’t for my umbrella, Devil May Cry 4.

And just for fun I present to you the creative team behind Assassin’s Creed, Ubisoft Montreal, headed by the lovely eye-candy, Jade Raymond.

Look closely

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