I Happen To Like Windows Vista!

I hear and read about all the Vista hatemonging & I sit and frankly wonder why? I happen to like Windows Vista. In the almost 2 years I’ve had it running (Business Edition pre-installed) on my Asus laptop, I have seen the dreaded Blue Screen Of Death, oh about, 4 times? Plus, most of my hardware, if not all, works with the OS without a hitch. Am I just blessed with the world’s least buggy copy of Vista?

Look, I know Windows Vista may not be for everyone and I’m sure it isn’t the best OS out there but so far it hasn’t let me down especially not enough to warrant a whinge-against-Microsoft-because-everyone-seems-to-hate-them tirade.

My main beef with Vista was the annoying User Account Control issue but then again, that’s easily remedied by adjusting the appropriate settings. Another concern was the Help system’s preference to find updated help online instead of using the installed (offline) help files. This situation only irked me during a period where I had no connection to the Internet and has obviously been overcome. Another complaint would have to be Windows Vista’s 2GB of RAM system requirement. Pretty steep but I hardly noticed the slowdown on my initial 1GB setup, that is until I actually upgraded to 2GB of RAM. That means it can run on less but just runs much sweeter on 2GB. The only other issue I can think of is that the Business Edition doesn’t have Windows Media center, while that is included in the cheaper Home Premium version. No biggie. I’ve never even tried the software but it looks pretty nifty.

So yes, I am defending Microsoft and Windows Vista but to be fair if I had the money I would buy myself a lovely 15-inch Macbook Pro. All I’m saying is in my experience, Windows Vista has gotten a bad reputation and is actually decent (as seen in Microsoft’s frankly desperate attempt to win customers back, The Mojave Experiment). As mentioned previously I bought my laptop with Vista pre-installed so I did not have the apparently jarring experience of upgrading my system from XP to Vista but I did use to run Windows XP on my old desktop and that was a buggy crash-ridden affair. So annoying an experience that it was the catalyst to my conversion to laptop setup.

In any case I’d love it if you could share your experiences, good or bad, with Windows Vista. Let’s just not turn it into a whinge-against-Microsoft-because-everyone-seems-to-hate-them tirade 🙂


Some links:

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