Guitar Tab: Duncan Sheik – Mouth On Fire

I’d been searching high and low for a transcription of this amazing song forever. I never found one so I decided to try and work it out on my own. Let me warn you folks though that I didn’t exactly try that hard to get it note-perfect like some of you hardcore people do. So take this tab for what it is and that’s just my own version of the song – the way I play it, the way I hear it through my normal stereo speakers. Enjoy yo’self!

If the text below is wonky and misaligned, just copy it all and paste into notepad and make sure the font used is Courier New.

Mouth On Fire
Duncan Sheik
Phantom Moon
pretend-tabbed by Arthur Liam del Mundo []

Tuning: D G D G B D (Open G)

intro and verse

--3----3--3----3---3---3-----1-----0---- chord shapes here are
--0----0--0----0---0---0---3---2---7---- to be finger plucked
--0----0--0----0---0---0---------------- experiment with it
"i brought my heart to feed..."

(verse 2x)

bridge A
notes in [] are for string section =)
notes in () are played the 2nd time around
--4----3----4--(4)--3----3----0-----[6]------ play bridge A 2X
"where the silver streets? where the blossoming?"


*this part is admittedly the least accurate but still kinda works
----------------------     ----------------------
----------------------     ----------------------
--8--10--8--10--8-10--     --8--10--8--10--8-10--
---------------------- 2X  ---------------------- 2X
--8-------------------     ----------------------
----------------------     --10------------------
"la da da dah da da..."

----------------------     ----------------------
-----3-----3----3-----     -----3-----3-----3----
--2-----2-----2-------     --3-----3-----3-------
---------------------- 2X  ---------------------- 2X
----------------------     ----------------------
--3-------------------     --1-------------------
"la da da nana na na nanah...."
"where all might cease...the talk the walk the posturing..."


--3----3--------------------0---0------0---0--- play a bajillion
--3------3-0-2-3--3-2--0--0-------0--0-------0- times
--1--------1-1-1--1-1--1--2----------2--------- with variations
"where poetry? where mystic harmonies?"

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