Microsoft Kinect Will Fail

Kinect cannot connect with real gamers. Say that 10 times quickly

Everyone knows this. Sony and Nintendo are already snickering at Microsoft’s latest foible. There are numerous videos online already showing how ridiculous people look as they flail around trying to dodge virtual balls (hmmm that sounded nasty). No matter how much Microsoft promote that their product is the next step in video game interactivity, there really still needs to be a medium in between the player and the game. Simply put, when you were younger, who looked cooler, the kid running around with an imaginary toy gun? Or the kid who had the snazzy, plastic laser rifle? ‘Nuff said.


2 thoughts on “Microsoft Kinect Will Fail

  1. If I wanted to jump around like an epileptic having seizures – I would take more drugs. This type of gaming is a fad, seriously. I also heard that Project Milo was actually an FBI sting for Pedos. (Thank God I didn't sign up)… ;)-TOG

  2. Obviously Nintendo and Sony wants kinect to fail ,it's better tech. Full body tracking , speech recognition and identity recognition are much harder than tracking a moving lightball. Kinect's potential is enormous .Sony knows this that's why it's pulling silly jabs at microsoft (yaybuttons) . It makes them look childish IMHO.

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