PWEDE NA YAN: I’d Sell Both Coke & Pepsi If They Paid Me Enough

Welcome to the Philippines. Would you like to be rich & famous? Then you’ve come to the right place. Unlike most nations that have common sense, you don’t have to be talented to make it here (see Ding Dong Dantes). You don’t even have to be good looking (see Ding Dong Dantes).

All you got to do is smile and look at the camera and say, “This product is awesome”. Oh, and showing some skin never hurt anyone’s chances either (see Ding Dong Dantes). Some might be able to read between the lines and pick up on my subtle hints that I am not a fan of unrelated, laughable celebrity endorsements* and Ding Dong Dantes. I plead guilty, but I mean c’mon! The guy looks like a creepy, serial rapist. Plus I never trust men named after the male genitalia. And why is he always half naked on enormous billboards on EDSA? I like making it to the office in the morning BEFORE I throw up my breakfast, thank you very much.

*There used to be a huge ad for Max’s Fried Chicken with Piolo Pascual looking suggestively at you while lying down on a couch holding a big plate with 1 whole fried chicken on it!


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