PWEDE NA YAN: Miss Universe Is A Major Major Joke

The Miss Universe contest is a joke. Some people are deluded enough to believe it is more than a beauty pageant. What led me to this train of thought was the fumbled opportunity our Miss Philippines Venus Raj had at the 2010 contest. I personally did not get a chance to watch the show but judging from what I’ve heard she was stunning in her swimsuit, elegant in her evening gown, and dazzling in all the other criteria. So in short, she was deserving of the crown if it weren’t for the inadequate answer she gave in the final round. Now I’m not going to delve into how the question she received was difficult to answer well and honestly. She’s a young woman who probably hasn’t had many MAJOR MAJOR roadblocks in her life. Nor will I bring up the fact that the question came from Billy Baldwin, a person not exactly known for his profound intellect or any MAJOR MAJOR box office hits. No I just want to focus on the reality that any given Miss Universe winner is there to be looked at and not to be listened to. Don’t give me that “you sexist, chauvinistic pig” look. Ask yourselves, if a Miss Universe were to make an appearance in your neck of the woods, would you go to check out how good-looking she really is? Or would you bring a notepad and jot down the deep, insightful words of wisdom pouring forth from her lovely mouth? Hmmm?
Every year the contestants are prepped and trained to answer an expected list of questions. How does that measure intellect? I think a fairer way to do that is to put the finalists in sound-isolation booths and ask each the same question. Another thing, why don’t non native English speakers just answer in their own language if it means they’re just going to embarrass themselves? I mean if they can get their point across more eloquently in their native tongue, why hold them back by asking them to trip over themselves? I’m looking in your direction, Manny Pacquiao.

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