PWEDE NA YAN: If Your Home Is Your Castle, Then Your Toilet Is Your Throne

Part of my job is to visit different call center sites and to carry out the English Language Assessments for their recruitment and Human Resources departments. There are a couple of clients I frequent that have toilet facilities that make me shake my head in disgust. These toilets are mostly used by current employees yet I often see urine on the floor or on the sides of the toilet bowl. There are times when there are USED tissues or paper towels just left on the floor or worse, in the sink/washing area. The worst offense of all is the un-flushed toilet. For f@#%’s sake! How difficult is it to flush after yourself?! If you feel like the flush handle might be too dirty to touch with your bare hands then use a tissue or even your goddamn feet to flush. I would partly understand if this was happening in a public toilet like in a mall where you probably won’t be using the same toilet twice but in your own freakin’ office?! Talk about shitting in your own backyard. I feel very sorry for the cleaners who have to tidy up after you. They must curse your filthy, soiled name in their sleep.
Why do Filipinos do this anyway? We have a history of having no regard for the cleanliness of our surroundings. Try going to a food court in any mall and you will see tables filled with used plates and utensils even though they’re mere feet away from the waste bin. There are also citizens who throw all manner of rubbish on the streets from candy wrappers to whole plastic bags of garbage. The only explanation I can come up with is that we are so used to having people clean up after us. From household maids to street sweepers to food court waste collectors, we got our collective litterbug asses covered well. PNY indeed.